Our Story

JP Morrissey10 years ago JP Morrissey decided enough was enough it was time to get back in shape. He had ballooned up to 245 pounds from his competition hockey weight of 170. He choose to embark on a 12 week journey to feel healthy again.

He joined a 12 week “body for life ” program designed by Bill Phillips. This program placed a focus on eating clean 6 days a week while enjoying one one free “cheat day” to feel the difference between eating clean whole foods and junk food. The purpose was to emphasize how it made the body and mind feel.

Compared to eating poorly, Morrissey soon found that eating good made him feel energetic, healthy, fit and less stressed. He was much more organized with lower levels of anxiety.

JP’s weight and physique quickly corrected to 184 pounds. He was feeling great and this experience forever changed how he felt about food.

The major problem he recognized is how hard it was to find the time to prepare healthy meals. He quickly realized it was just as hard to buy meals designed for bodybuilding, athletic performance or a specific diet type.

Out of frustration again, Morrissey came up with a idea to change the healthy food game and help change lives in the process.

It just makes sense. Why not a place where you could have it all. Meal Prep, eat in , to go meals all designed for different diet types and all made with the healthiest ingredients. Cook using coconut or extra virgin oils, nothing deep fried, everything baked, grilled, or steamed.

He decided to go after his dream and make it a success no matter what.

At last, in 2013 Eat Clean opened. We are now a rapidly growing, successful company making a difference. Eat Clean is currently franchising all across Canada. His mission is being fulfilled and people all across Canada can now enjoy a true healthy real food option. Grass fed beef , no pump chicken , meals professionally designed by nutritional coaches, meals to make life easier for families, and meals that allow you to stay healthy in this fast paced world.

Changing lives and changing the world of food with every plate.

We are excited to see what develops in 2016 and the future. For more information feel free to contact JP anytime – JPmorrissey@eatcleangrill.com

Eat Clean – “It’s how you feel after your meal”